📢 Lingua Franca is now hosted at Lingua Franca Café.

Lingua Franca is a daily documentation of my language-learning journey where I challenge myself to become fluent in any language within just 1 month.

In this newsletter, I will share with you my learning methods, notes, and references. I will also do a summary of my daily lessons on YouTube and Instagram so we can actually learn languages together.

Welcome to Lingua Franca

My name is Yusuf and I am the author of this newsletter.

I love languages but never really had the motivation to sit down and focus on learning them. So, I thought of challenging myself by trying out a framework that I came up with where I aim to achieve intermediate level fluency in any given language within just 1 month.

If I’m able to achieve intermediate fluency within 1 month, I’ll count it as a success! Otherwise, I will keep on learning until I achieve my desired level of fluency.

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What to expect?

  • Each language will run for at least 30 days long (or 30 issues long).

  • The summary of each learning day will be available on YouTube and Instagram.

⚠️ As a disclaimer, I am not a teacher! I am simply a student who’s sharing my approach to learning languages. Mistakes are inevitable, so please correct me where I’m wrong.

Newsletter Format

Day [#] - [Language]

e.g. Day 1 - Japanese

“Day 1” to “Day 2” may not necessarily be a consecutive day. Day 1 could be carried out on a Monday and Day 2 on a Thursday of the same week. It all depends on whether I have ample time to learn, write, and edit.

❤️ Reason

My dream is to travel the world like a local. I remember my first visit to Japan 🇯🇵 when I was 16 and the reaction I got from the locals when I knew how to speak Japanese - even though it was only a couple of basic sentences - was priceless and so beautiful. I hope to replicate those beautiful instances when I visit every other country in the world.

Will you join me?

—Yusuf 💮