Day 0 - Japanese 🇯🇵

Tools, Materials, and Mindset


Hello, こんにちは。

Let’s start learning Japanese 🇯🇵

Here are the main tools and materials that I’ll be using for the next 30 days.

💡 My learning approach/reference is based on the official JLPT.

🖥 Desktop

📱 Mobile Apps

LingoDeer (Free + Paid)

Takoboto (Free)

  • Android

  • Unfortunately, this app is not available on the Apple Store.

💁‍♂️ Android users, use this app.

Japanese App (Free)

💁‍♂️ The user experience is much better on iOS. So, iOS users, use this app.

I have both an Android and an iPhone (5S - the best phone ever). So, I’ll be using both Takoboto on my Android phone and Japanese on my iPhone to learn.

🧠 Mindset

  • Switch life language to Japanese. (Day 1)

  • Switch phone language settings to Japanese. (Day 15)

I will force myself to talk and think in Japanese.

💪 Daily Repetitions

  • Kanji memorization

  • Vocabs memorization

That’s it.

I’d like to keep things minimal.

If you’d like to, you can also join me on Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter.

See you in the next issue.

Take care.

—Yusuf 💮